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U need it i got it 420

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But a guy with a few extra pounds or gut( ok lets say a beer gut ) He's just plain fat. I am in a relationship so I am not waiting for anything sexual.

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This one's pretty simple.

Trees, Leaves And Family Pot Busts: It's | Endless Thread

Oh how nice this would be, to trace the high holiday back to one of the best artists to listen 18 yr old female U need it i got it 420 engaging in the devil's lettuce.

But alas, even though the song was recorded inwell before the Waldos did their thing, it's highly unlikely this is our one true source.

This ir a shut and closed case, too. Although it has been stated that there are "more than chemical compounds" in a cannabis plant, no one ever clearly stated that that number is There are a couple of theories having to do with the police and Congress, too.

The first, referring to what police would utter over the radio should they see you buying a baggie, is incorrect.

Unfortunately that radio code is for homicide. The one about Congress?

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Well, it's not that the two aren't related. There is a bill in the California Senate numbered neer, but it's named for the staple of cannabis culture, not because of it.

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The bill, which went through inwas crucial to the birth of medical marijuana in California. The remaining theories around are so wild we might as well not even go into detail.

U need it i got it 420

Some think it's named after the day Bob Marley died, but he died on May Some think it has something to do with Adolf Hitler's birthday, but why the hell would that mean anything? Even if it is his birthday. Today, the unofficial holiday is celebrated worldwide. They encouraged or pleaded with their students to not participate—to no 402.

The Hazy History of “” - HISTORY

Inwhen the California Legislature codified the medical marijuana law the voters had passed, the bill was named SB Ig copy of the San Rafael High School newspaper with a reference. While many other illicit tales of the origins of have wafted into the half-baked history books, the Fairfield california sex. have proof they used the word back in the 70s.

Two of the original five still prefer to remain anonymous, but have agreed to consider making a documentary, or compiling a dictionary of their slang words. Or maybe they will just continue to enjoy a more mellow blaze of glory. The original letter Reddix gott Capper in college. We strive for accuracy and fairness. MoonDog aka ColCambell aol.

Wed, 15 Sep OceanDead To: The day i was to leave i ferget the exact date sorry I woke up at 4: Left about an U need it i got it 420 and a half later Ice storm On the way home I dropped Lisa off A kid we call 'the devil' was in town so we had to get fuxxed up. Well anyways we went to a local convenience store drive through and we were quite thirsty. We ordered four yoohoos and the total came to 4. Just a quirky lil story i'd like to share. Thu, 26 Lt PigeonDog To: We looked around and realized that U need it i got it 420 clock in the joint was stopped on 4: Needless to say what we were doing all morning, we laughed all through breakfast.

The food sucked, but U need it i got it 420 the way home, what the hell, we ate there again. Phirst Phishing Date: Wed, 25 Aug Git Colfax at Wurk To: I was driving the long journey home from Nsed Beach from my first Phish show so Horny in prince george could get up for work in the morning.

I was also coming off of a candyflip and the time of my life, so I didn't mind too much the prospect of only sleeping a couple of hours before starting the grind again.

Well, the trip took especially long because of all the traffic on the bridge, so we didn't get home until about 4: Well, I dropped off my friend and he made a most passionate plea that at least at this pointanother 10 minutes wouldn't hurt and that I had to come inside to puff down at Never did make it back to work.

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Sat, 28 Aug A couple of years ago my friends and I needed to come Williamston MI housewives personals with a term for, sorry to be vulgar, a blow job that we could use it front U need it i got it 420 our girlfriends, we can up with the phrasewe to B the second letter o the alphabet and J the 10th letter and put them together and came up with a pretty cool new way of saying you got head, ex.

Tue, 27 Jul Daniel To: Just a quick Sex mature Concord. I used to be a little league umpire in south carolina and the scoreboard read U need it i got it 420 score, then the inning, then the visitor's score.

If at all possible I'd always try and help the home team be up in the second inning. It put a smile on my kt Cheers, Daniel Subject: There are some u good stories, and i never thought, that i could remember, i had any unusual stories.

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Well today I nede, well still am, studying for my Calc Ut final and I went into the index to look up L'Hospitals rule cause that what most of my test is on, U need it i got it 420 and behold it starts on, you guessed it, page Well to top things I want to meet a swm i have a nice phatty to light up as soon as I'm done with gt test.

It makes for a nice test. See ya in Florida this NYE!!! Why 4: Tue, 29 Jun U need it i got it 420 My husband and I got married at exactly 4: Most of the family and friends who vot the open air wedding had no idea why we picked that time.

Most never will. Thu, 17 Jun Fikus To: We go inside, and when we get to the front of the line Jon goes," Check this out Peace, Fikus Subject: Right Decision Date: Wed, 16 Jun Jackie To: Everything is great, except I really miss the daily "hanging out" with my friends. I had 240 longest journey and was alittle intimidated at the thought of navigating through the Allegheny Forest from a different direction, not to mention the wonder of how long I Hotwife in Pasadena going to be stuck in the car.

When I pulled up, exactly 4hrs and 20minutes had gone by I exclaimed Looks like I made the right move.

U need it i got it 420 I Search Men

See you in Oswego JL Subject: Tue, 15 Jun I recently made a trip to Nectars in Burlington, VT I then went straight upstairs to shoot some stick and sunk the 8-ball off the break. It "mushed" have been something I ate! JB Subject: Thu, 11 Feb Jessica To: It's this big indoor playgroud for kids, in case you've never been there.

This place is a stoner's paradise! Anyway, in the back we had a cafe, where we made frozen pizzas and icee's. Up in the wall we had a crayola clock, and one day I looked up to see what time it was. The clock had stopped on 4: I asked everyone that worked there to see if someone purposely did it, but no one had.

It did it on Iy own, neee we left it that way for as long as we could.

UNLOVABLE RECORDS All these fake fans who've only heard Wii Tennis need to dip watch me Fucking get it. Posted 1 day ago1 day ago. Reply · Holly Liles at I can't fuck wi you cuz you don't fuck with me. The Real Origin of (and 4/20, and ) Lies With a Bunch of High School Kids and realized that if you multiply 12 by 35, you get—you guessed it, They lied to their parents so we could have an excuse once a. First, there is no police code "". lol smoke weed every day. The time to get high as adopted by marijuana culture. My route must have been far from straight, for it seemed hours before I was free of are you down for ? sure!.

Monday February 1 4: Based on early, unofficial data, the Dow Jones industrial average was down In the broader market, declining issues led advances 16 to 13 on moderate volume of million shares on the New York Stock Exchange. The technology- laced Nasdaq composite index rose 4.

More Lore Date: Fri, 29 Jan Larz aol. One of my girlfriend's co-workers found her one day when she was leaving from work. So my girlfriend brought her to my apt.

So I ended up adopting her Wed, 20 Jan Ripple To: Peter Hedeman CC: I went to pick up chinese food last night. Who am I to argue?

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I am from Richmond, VA and was shopping at a very popular local grocery store called Ukrop's which does not sell alcohol and are closed on Sunday's due to their religious beliefs.

It read: Sun, 10 Jan Dustin Eirdosh Organization: Home Network To: Barney's is April 20, same as Hitlers" Just one of the many, many drug references on the simpsons Subject: Wed, 30 Dec Rama Payne To: Also, I Fuck buddy Asnieres-sur-Seine noticed the the computer terminals U need it i got it 420 all Toys R Us stores are the famed and hopelessly outdated VT Mon, 14 Dec One of the albums was don't laugh Boston.

Fri, 11 Dec Christine To: