Top 5 Festivals of Assam

Assam is a beautiful state of India which remains filled with colors due to large numbers of festivals that are celebrated with huge pomp and show. Some of the most famous festivals of the region are:

Bohag Bihu

One of the most popular festivals of the region, Bohag Bihu marks the onset of New Year for the residents of Assam, according to Hindu solar calendar. This festival is celebrated by offering prayers to the cows and also by preparing delicious food. Small children wear new clothes on this festival and thus add color to the celebrations.

Jonbeel Mela

Jonbeel Mela is a community fair, which is held over a period of three days and is regarded as the first festival of the year. Celebrated in the month of January, this fair was organized by Ahom kings to have a discussion about the political situation. During the celebrations, people from all over the region come together with various products, which are exchanged in a barter system. This fair is organized to encourage brotherhood and harmony in the region. At this mela, people often enjoy themselves by performing traditional dance.


A spring festival, Ali-al-Lvigang is generally celebrated in the months of February and March. This festival marks the beginning of paddy sowing ceremony. These celebrations are marked by traditional dance performances in which young girls and boys participate. Tourists can also become a part of the celebrations and enjoy themselves. So if you have been planning a trip to Assam, remember to plan your trip around these celebrations as they offer an interesting new picture of the city.

Rajini Gabra and Harni festival

The month of April boasts of different celebrations with Rajini Gabra and Harni festival being the most important festival. This is an annual festival which holds special relevance for the Dimasa tribe. Rajini Gabra marks the celebrations during day while the night ceremony is known as Harni festival. On this day the presiding deity is worshiped so that the lord protects its devotees. However, in order to enjoy this festival it is important to reach the village before the closing of the gates.


The month of June witnesses the celebration of Ambubachi Mela. This fair is one of the most important festivals which are celebrated at Kamakhya temple. During this time, Devi Kamakhya is worshiped in stone form instead of an idol. Every year the temple witnesses huge rush of devotees who come to the city to become a part of the celebrations.

The next time you plan a trip to Assam, remember to visit around the festival time. Assam’s festivals offer an insight of the real culture and tradition of this state. So unfold the mystery of the region and enjoy yourself to the maximum during your vacations.