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I Seeking Sex Contacts I get along with men better

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I get along with men better

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Well chat me if you want and see where it may go.

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The thing I appreciate with my opposite sex friendships is that there is not ever an air of clinginess or competition with them.

Those are two things that always make me tire quickly when making new female friends or even with my old ones lol. My guy friends and I can trade shade, be supportive, and have fun without there ever being an inkling of someone sneak dissing.

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Thanks x 1. I don't think I have had a proper guy friend before.

I have never been that girls to talk to guys or date, so I have naturally always gotten on with women better. I get along with men due to my work environment and major but my very close friends are women.

Regardleas whether you're attractive or not, with men, there are no competing interests. A guy doesn't give a shit about feeling like he is prettier than you, more . These girls say they don't really like their female peers—“we just don't get along,” “girls bring too much drama,” or “I prefer hanging out with. As a girl in the same situation, I have to say NO! I too get along with guys better than girls. From their humor and their laid-back-ness and the.

Telling a guy friend or vice versa your problems and frustrations makes them think they can hit on you! It's something I have noticed. It depends on the person.

Is it wrong that i get along w/ men better than women? | Yahoo Answers

But I get along with mostly women. Most of my friends and family are women.

in my life ive dated 3 chicks, so far theyve all said this quote "I enjoy being friends with guys more", and "I dont really like girls, or dont get along. I think she has problems empathizing and bonding with women, for whatever reason. I think all women need girlfriends. Good girlfriends. We are “gatherers”. I very commonly see on internet forums and in person women who mention that all of their friends are guys, that they relate to men better than.

I have that type of personality that I can get along with anyone. I like women, but they're often closed off and obsessed wi their relationships.

I get along with men better

It's harder to get close to them and I get along with men better form friendships with them because they just never seem interested. I think men Sexy maids in Netherlands least where I live are more open to friendships and it's easier to meet other women through them because their Male stamp of approval allows their wives and girlfriends to be open with you.

The men I meet don't seem to have any hangups regarding friendship and are wirh open to having social lives and relationships compared to women around here. Both, but ima girls girl.

Im a girls girl but im a loner, so most women dont like me. I would like male I get along with men better maybe 1 or 2; too many male friends is weird like a gangbang.

They have always been more understanding and nicer, and just all around msn pleasant to me. I don't mix well with most men for some reason. Men definitely.

The first time I saw my reflection in my daddy's eyes I've always known how to twist them around my finger and get along with them lol. I'm more relaxed around men and I'm not on guard for possible shade the way I am around women.

Women, outside of my friends I get along with men better family, are usually horrible to one another. Also I don't know what energy I put out but no woman has ever liked me on sight. They usually have to warm up to me and get to know me and then I hear "you are totally different from what I assumed! I'm also cute af too which is difficult for most women to handle.

It depends on what I'm doing. I'd rather go see a slong with my sister, but I'd rather go to I get along with men better football game with my brother. Generally the person that is more interested in the event is better company. I get with both siblings equally.

Siblings aside, I get along better with men than Ladies want nsa NY Sharon springs 13459, because there tends to be more common interests. However, I think it is easy to get along with ,en that I share interests, values, and experiences with.

Woman seeking real sex Argusville get the impression that lot of the women I talk to are just happy to have a conversation with a guy who isn't trying to sleep with them. As much as I enjoy their perspective I really wish I had more girlfriends. I gef my window for that in college unfortunately. Women for sure! Gay men are the exception because I don't have to deal with them hitting on me eventually.

It I get along with men better. In the workplace i always get on with men better. My last job was only ladies, all white women at that smh, and i dreaded coming in.

Catty and gossipy and annoying. I prefer male coworkers tho lmao we always get along so well In my personal life?

Men who get along better with women than other men.

But i tend to get on with women better, more to relate to. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.

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Your name or email address: I have male friends like mfn, though, they're all F types, and they're rather feminine themselves. I think that although I don't really get along more with one of the sexes than the other, I still would probably find women more interesting Having fun with a single mum men and more likely to be friends with them.

Many men my age are too laddish for me to really relate to them. I get along with men better personally prefer woman friends because they just seem smarter Indigo Aria. I used to prefer the company of women.

I had a very meen view of the world this was back I get along with men better my INFP days They always seemed smarter and better with people than men.

But now I prefer the company of no one, except maybe my two friends. Quin Sabe. I only have 2 male friends. I love females. NinjaSwan and Quin Sabe thanked this post. Similar Threads What women really want.

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